Shoebox Revolution

Shoebox Revolution

Shoebox Revolution is a small, locally based charity that services the homeless community of the Central Coast and Newcastle regions.
They provide care packages to people in need, without shelter, and living on the streets.
Society tend to quickly make judgement of the homeless; often tarnishing most with the stereotype of drug use.
Yes; this is not an uncommon circumstance; but.. not the leading cause of the homeless issue.
Domestic violence , losing a job, injury without compensation.. the list goes on and is endless.

At the end of the day, it wouldn’t hurt for any of us to donate a Shoebox care pack.

Even if each family across Australia, who is able to and chooses to donate one Shoebox a month, you and the Shoebox Revolution would provide much needed sustenance, warmth, cleanliness, and a little spot of sunshine to the millions of lives who really are doing it tough.

Be a game changer!
Spread the word.
Find out more via their Facebook page “ Shoebox Revolution” and for general enquiries, please email this two woman team on

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Kerry Harman

With a sound and professional catering establishment behind her, Kerry has developed the company profile via strategic marketing and personal involvement. Kerry has 25 years experience in the food service industry including, function Coordinator, the establishment of a cafe, menu design, food service manager, purchasing, and sales.