The Wedding Planner- Rach

Have you met Rachel? Wedding Planner at H&H

Maybe you have made in inquiry about a wedding?

Maybe you are planning a wedding and don’t know here to start.
Need a venue? You’re going to need food. A decorator.
And so much more.

Wedding planning can be so much fun & so exciting!

It can also be quite stressful and overwhelming.
Make a list and work out the cost. Be realistic.
Stick to a budget and still try to have everything you ever wanted from your special day.
Seem too good to be true? It can be. But not with H&H.
You want to know why?
We have a Rachel.

Rachel is one of our business managers here at H&H, and has been for over ten years.
The daughter of the directors of the company, sales enthusiast, loving wife and mother of three.
But she is so much more..

Over the years, Rachel has been the wedding guardian angel for over 1000 weddings here with us.
Not for the money. She loves doing everything that she can to make sure that each client’s wedding is the most amazing and memorable day by crossing every “t” and dotting every “i “ with every step.
Rach personalizes her service to each and every couple, and somehow ends up being that one person that gets you through every hurdle as well as there for all of the stunning and amazing parts you wedding day comes with.
She is a go to. And nothing is too hard for Rach. Everything she offers with her service comes from the heart.
The wedding planner without being hired as one. The Wedding Guardian Angel. Brides love her.
On many occasions, generally an inquiry will come through for what the wedding packages are and how much.
And the reply from Rachel is a swift one. She’s been a bride. She can relate. Plus, Rach is very professional. Wanting answers to questions to get things in order. And then, you will make contact again. That’s when she will pick up the phone and change your days leading up to what will be the best day of your life so far.
It doesn’t really matter how silly you think your questions are or if your requests seem unreasonable.. Rach executes each of them in a calm and rational manner, professionally and with care.

So, if you have a wedding coming up and are seeking the best caterers around, well, we are it!
Recently named “NSW Regional Wedding Caterer of the Year”!
If you are seeking more than just outstanding food and friendly & professional service, well, you’d be silly to not consider H&H Catering.
Because, we have a Rachel.
The eternal romantic.

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Kerry Harman

With a sound and professional catering establishment behind her, Kerry has developed the company profile via strategic marketing and personal involvement. Kerry has 25 years experience in the food service industry including, function Coordinator, the establishment of a cafe, menu design, food service manager, purchasing, and sales.