Lizards Spring


The Lizards.
You would have seen this group.. they would have been sitting out the front of the Point Café Avoca; sipping on coffee.. soaking up the sunshine whilst exchanging conversations and sharing some laughs.

As the story goes; a lady was walking past the Avoca Beach SLSC one day and saw this group sitting in the sun drinking coffee after a swim and she said, “you all look like a bunch of lizards soaking up the sun!”

That’s it! That is what we were to be known as amongst themselves and to the locals from that day on.

These lovely people are now regulars of ours; friends even.
They swim from the rocks at the point to the shark tower, and back up to the surf club. It’s about 1km.

There’s not much weather that stops this lot.
But on very rare occasions they have congregated inside The Point Cafe rather than fight the ocean!

The Lizards see all sorts of creatures in the ocean.. dolphins; seals; massive schools of fish; but the only thing that has made them jump was a close encounter with a large shark!
This took them from a swim to walking on water.

Local Avoca resident, Helen Polkinghorne helped to establish the 5 Lands Walk over 10 years ago. Now with a committee headed up by Local Lizard Con Ryan; they continue to grow the event each year.
Last year they had over 20,000 people visit for the “5 Lands Walk”.
Their Instagram page is fantastic!

The Lizards tell us that they wouldn’t get over those ocean swims with out the great coffee and hot chocolates at The Point Cafe!
Always delivered with a smile.

We are blessed with a great community and a local environment, second to none.

The invitation is open to join The Lizards at Avoca Beach.
Visitors are encouraged to join for a swim or just come up for a coffee and watch the world go by.

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