Place Your Bets ~ Wyong Cup 2017

Place your bets!
How do you choose a winner?
Are you the serious punter who studies a form, and strategically picks a winner?
Has someone given you the heads up? A tip off..
Or are you the kind to select a horse by its name? You know.. one of those horse names like “ Estelle Did It’ or “Peter Patrick Pitter Patter”.. guaranteed there’s always a horse in a race who has a name that resonates with you.
That’s the one! Place your bets!
Here’s how it generally goes on a race day at Wyong Race Club.
The sun is shining, there’s an array of colours, the champagne is on ice ready to flow, race callers are loosening their ties ready to call each race, there’s a marquee you can purchase tickets to, or perhaps there’s a smaller lunch package option.. they’re always handy, in a room with a view from above and away from the crowds.

The bistro type food to pick at through the day, or maybe you just want to throw back a pie with peas or mash.. or a bucket of chips.
Food glorious food everywhere!
And then there’s the fashion.. the men suit up, mostly and look debonair. Some get excited and decide upon themselves in groups to theme their day. You could see man sized Smurfs, you could see a gorilla suit.. nothing is ruled out.
Expect the unexpected.
The ladies get a little more playful and seem to step out of comfort zones with style and colour. Even accessorising! Between incredible and large earrings, to wearing a fascinator that looks like an art piece out of a gallery; or a pair of shoes they put away for a special occasion.
It’s all so much fun! And everyone looks fantastic!
What a great excuse for any of us to dress up and have a day out with friends you rarely get to see, have a few drinks and maybe even win a couple mil on the day!
Yeah, that would be nice wouldn’t it.?
The banter, the cheers, the laughing, the pounding sound on the ground as the horses push themselves to get to the finish line first, and the hissing.. what is that about anyway?
All day, you can feel the energy in the air which is full of fun and excitement.
Some walk away winners, some walk away breaking even, some shuffle as best they can, disguising the fact that they may have had maybe one too many over the course of the day. But, we can say for sure that, the crowds that attend the race days such as Ladies Day, The Gold Cup, Magic Millions and so on, each guest to attend a day at the races always has a fabulous time.
Maybe it’s a day you haven’t been to in years, or perhaps you’ve never actually been before.. but it’s one to experience.
Think about it next time.
And, number 9 is the winner.

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Kerry Harman

With a sound and professional catering establishment behind her, Kerry has developed the company profile via strategic marketing and personal involvement. Kerry has 25 years experience in the food service industry including, function Coordinator, the establishment of a cafe, menu design, food service manager, purchasing, and sales.