A Love Story Of Mr & Mrs Malone

Picture this..

A gathering in a field, with warmth beaming from the autumn sun, not a cloud in the sky .. guests dressed to the nines.. the scent of food in the air.. clinking of glasses.. the sound of chatter and laughing.. all here to celebrate the adoration shared between a stunning young couple in love.

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Samantha Saunders & Jeremy Hare ~ Wedding Testimonial

Samantha Saunders & Jeremy Hare
Wedding Saturday 14 th May 2017
Somersby Gardens Estate –  81 attendees
Deluxe 4 Course Sit Down Menu

As Sam and I had such good rapport I requested if she would allow her wedding to be judged for the NSW Restaurant & Caterers Awards for 2017 and she agreed. A judge was sent to Sam’s wedding to discreetly critic our services, staff and food. I am happy to report Sams’ wedding sees us now nominated as Finalist for Wedding Caterer Central Coast 2017 and possibly onto NSW Caterer of the Year!

Sams’ thoughts on the lead up, the day and her guests response

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April Birt & Josh Malone ~ Wedding Testimonial

April Birt & Josh Malone
Saturday 8th April 2017
Private Venue Picketts Valley –  128 attendees
Premium Plus Finger Food Menu


Hi Rachel,
I’m sorry you beat me to the email I have been meaning to message you guys but it’s been crazy times
with deconstruction of the wedding and back at won. We have the most epic, fun filled day and night
of our lives by far. I managed to eat some of the food and it looked incredible and tasted delicious.

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Pumpkin Scone

Our Twist on the Traditional Scone

Some people enjoy the traditional scone.. some like them lemon scented.. others like them with dates, maybe even sultanas. Generally served with jam & cream. But have you tried the sweet potato scone? They’re an old English favourite and yet bit seems that we haven’t really given it a chance here.
And why not?

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hummigbird cake

Hummingbird Cake

The Hummingbird cake has been a favourite for years, since the late 1970’s. But why is it named the “Hummingbird Cake”?
People say that the cake is so delicious that it makes you hum with delight whilst eating it, while others think the cake has this name because it’s sweet enough to draw in the Hummingbirds.  There is another theory too, that people hover around the cake just like the way hummingbirds hover around flowers holding their sweet nectar. Maybe it was named after the way the cake draws people in and is eaten so quickly, very similar to the eating pattern of these little  energetic birds.

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The Central Coast Cancer Council “Stars of the Central Coast”.

Four years ago, the team at Cancer Council here on the Central Coast, wanted to find a fun and exciting way to raise money to help the local cancer patients and their families from the costs of living through this horrid disease.  Sarah Russell and Jayne Moloney put their heads together and came up with a “Dancing with the stars” themed event!

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Premium Finger Food Menu – Anniversary Testimonial

Jane Denny
January 28, 2017
Private Residence Terrigal – 72 attendees
Premium Finger Food Menu

Thank you so much for the work that your team did for our parents anniversary party. Mark, Jenny and Dana ( I hope I have recalled their names correctly) were amazing! Everybody at the party commented not only on the food, but the very professional yet friendly manner of the caterers. We really appreciated having such skilled and lovely people working so tirelessly and yet making it look effortless.

With much thanks and gratitude

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Oliva + Alex ~ Wedding Testimonial

Olivia and Alex
February 2017
Avoca Beach SLSC – 95 attendees
4-Course Plated Menu


So sorry the reply I sent through on our honeymoon somehow got stuck in my outbox and never made it to you!

It was absolutely the best day! Everything was perfect and I can’t thank the H&H staff enough for their wonderful service (especially when we had some changes to timings), and we got so many comments on how delicious the food was.

A huge thank you to you also, the whole process was just a breeze (I can’t believe it was 12 months ago!) thanks to your kindness, professionalism and amazing communication. We really appreciate it and will definitely make a trip to the Point Café when we’re in the area!

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The Fernbank Farm, Yarramalong for Wedding Receptions

Sophie Mackay ~ Wedding Testimonial

Sophie Mackay
January 21, 2017
Fernbank Farm – 91 attendees
Deluxe Plated Menu

From the moment l first e-mailed you regarding our cocktail function wedding to our special day, we can truly say that everything was absolutely flawless. Your companies communication, flexibility, food and service were all unbelievably amazing.

When we had our taste trial, Kiki, was especially wonderful through her friendly, fun loving nature. We knew straight away that she had to be there to share a part of our special day. We were lucky enough that our request was granted and Kiki was able to be our head waitress for the day. Not only was she there to over see everything and do an amazing job she was also there when l had a small mishap with my wedding dress. My strap came off (after the ceremony and everyone hugging me) and Kiki came to the rescue as she explained she had just finished her Textiles course. She was extremely calm, patient and totally put me at ease and fixed my dress!! (which stayed put ALL night). I would like to give a big shout out to Kiki for her unbelievable work ethic and beautiful personality.

Another thank you to everyone involved. From management to cooks to waitresses to bar staff. Everyone at the wedding commented on how delicious the food was and we had lots of people asking “who were your caterers?”. Always a very good sign to great service and great food.

Thank you H & H!!

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